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The AIfoundry keeps the community in touch
GameAI Specializes in game AI
This AI company provides a huge number or links

Research links
The Neuroprose FTP Archive
The NEC ResearchIndex

IEEE Neural Networks Society
European Neural Network Society
Instituto Dalle Molle d'Intelligence Artificielle Perceptive
Instituto Dalle Molle Di Studi Sill' Intelligenza Artificiale

LSTM-related links
The ETHZ course on Neural Networks convinced me to use LSTM
Mr. Hochreiter was the first one to analyze LSTM in 1991 in cooperation with Mr. Schmidhuber
Mr. Schmidhuber's page at IDSIA has a good LSTM introduction for beginners
Mr. Gers's page at IDSIA - his PHD thesis analyzes recent developments

My Homepage at Geocities plus my old Java Native DSP project